Interbody System

The Spine Innovation Interbody System implant is inserted on its side to minimize the risk of neural injury during insertion, and is rotated 90° to restore disc height up to 16mm and lordosis up to 15°. The implant is then expanded 10mm laterally to create an implant width of up to 22mm with a large, 10x26mm graft area that is directly accessible by the surgeon for placement of bone graft in the device. The innovative device increases the implant profile in height, lordotic angle and footprint in situ. The aperture is among the largest of all expandable TLIF devices available today.


Spine Innovation Interbody System Sell Sheet

10-SDA-001003 Rev C

Disposable Retractor

The Interbody System allows for a reduced implant insertion height, but Spine Innovation goes a step further by providing a Disposable Retractor to help distract vertebral bodies during interbody delivery and shield neural elements throughout the surgical procedure. The Disposable Retractor is a universal insertion system offered in a variety of sizes to accommodate the majority of commercially available lumbar interbody fusion devices.